The portal was created to present Greece, based on an idea by the tourist guide John Giannourakos .John presents the obvious and hidden beauties of Greece, through a rich and inspiring photographic material.

John Giannourakos graduated from the Tourist Guides’ School of Athens in 1995. Since then, he guides all over the whole of Greek territory, the city of Berlin and the Altar of Pergamos’ Museum.

In parallel with his profession, he studied graphic design, photography and integrated his twenty year, vast experience as a tourist guy into new technologies. The tourist services offered and the products linked to them, are presented in a direct style, so to get the message across to any parties interested in them. Yiannis offers a combination of services, that significantly contributes to the increase of sales.

The extensive photographic material of Janni’s portfolio can be used as a very special advertising content (f.e postcards, flyers and catalogues).The major options provided are the presentations for the promotion of a specific region, a tourist destination or even of a specific product, that can be, mainly, used in exhibitions abroad.